Ancient Nutra Flax Seeds 100g

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A versatile super seed

Ancient Nutra’s Flax Seeds are packed with essential nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. The mild, nutty flavor makes it ideal for both sweet and savory dishes. Flax seeds have been prized as super seeds for centuries and have numerous health benefits.


Boost heart health

Improves gut health

Anti-cancer properties


2-3 tablespoons daily Sprinkle onto salads, yogurt, smoothies, cereal for an extra crunch Grind and use for baked goods Use as a substitute for flour or eggs in baking Stir into shakes for smoothies Can be incorporated easily into your everyday diet!

Best before 3 months after opening Refrigerate to extend shelf life

Pregnant women and possibly breastfeeding mothers should not supplement their diets with ground flaxseed.

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Ancient Nutra Flax Seeds 100g
Ancient Nutra Flax Seeds 100g
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Rs.288.00 Rs.320.00