Caltex Havoline®XLI Premixed Red 4L


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Caltex Havoline XLI Coolant Red

Caltex Havoline XLI Coolant Premixed Red Life Inhibitor is recommended for use in OEM equipment recommending a nitrite-free, water-based carboxylate-based corrosion inhibitor.

Product Details

  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor provides long-life corrosion protection by using optimized and patented aliphatic carboxylate organic inhibitors that provide long-lasting protection for cooling system metals and components including hard-to-protect aluminum.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor helps maintain excellent heat transfer since it does not contain silicates and phosphates which can over time create deposits on heat transfer surfaces.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor comes in a super concentrate and should be diluted to 5.5% – 10% with good quality water before use.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor exhibits low depletion rates and does not require the addition of supplemental coolant additives with correct maintenance practices. Dilution of Havoline
  • Xtended Life Inhibitor – Concentrating by more than 25% will reduce inhibitor performance.
  • Havoline Xtended Life Inhibitor protects against erosion, corrosion, and cavitation of cooling system components.
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Caltex Havoline®XLI Premixed Red 4L
Caltex Havoline®XLI Premixed Red 4L
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