DURASOL Deep Cycle Tubular Batteries 200Ah 12V

Warranty : 1 Year

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Details :

Tubular batteries are cast from low antimony lead alloy, with selenium, copper, tin, and arsenic, to protect the lead support from anodic corrosion.

Premium Range – The Ultimate Inverter Battery.
Tough Condition – Tough Battery with Thicker Plates.
Long Life – 1200 Cycles @ 80% DOD.
More Electrolyte per Ampere Hour.
Why tubular is better: The secrets are the multi-tube bag gauntlet and increased surface area of the positive plate.

Advanced multi-tube bag gauntlets are constructed of 100% polyester high-tenacity, multifilament yarns that are impregnated with an acrylic resin system and fixed crosswise to the tubes, while the spun yarn is used lengthwise.

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