Geepas Digital Infrared Cooker (Touch Control With LED Display & 8 Power Levels) – GIC33013

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Product Description of Geepas GIC33013 2000W Digital Infrared Cooker – Portable Fast & Precise Cooking With Touch Control, LED Display, 8 Power Levels

4-DIGIT LED DISPLAY, TOUCH CONTROL – This infrared cooker displays time on a 4-digit LED screen. It allows quick setting and can be easily operated with the touch controls located on top. Makes cooking professional, precise, and fast.

FAST AND PRECISE COOKING, EASY CLEANING – This programmable stove has a timer function that can be present for cooking meals. Precision in controls allows maximum control over the heat and texture of food. Its design is simple, and it is easy to clean.

8 POWER/TEMPERATURE LEVELS – This cooker offers various temperature (60°- 240°) and power (200W – 2000W) levels and helps you create all of your kitchen cuisines with the perfect favor and softness. You can set it up with ease. Now you can try out various recipes and make them all with expert skills.

PROGRAMMABLE TIMER UPTO 2 HOURS – The programmable timer allows you to set up the cooker up to 2 hours. You can leave the food being cooked, and it will automatically turn off when the timer is off. It is safer, quicker and precise.

AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF FEATURE – This electric cooker turns off automatically when it is not used for a particular time. This feature protects the appliance from overheating and prevents any possible accidents, keeping your kitchen safe.

HIGH/LOW HEATING, VOLTAGE PROTECTION – This Geepas infrared cooker has an adjustable high and low-temperature setting as per your requirement. No need to worry while voltage fluctuation happens it manages to work smoothly

POWER SAVING – It consumes a power of 2000 Watts, and it’s very efficient in power saving thus saves electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cookware can I use with the Geepas Infrared Cooker?
Unlike induction cookers, you can use any type of cookware with this infrared cooker. Flat base is preferred circular bottom pots might start to shake and roll for the heat.

Does the panel get hot as well? How do I press the buttons once it hot?
There is a circle on the cooker – this is the only part of the cooker which cannot be touched. The button panel is safe to touch as it does not have contact with the infrared element.

Will I get electrocuted? Is it safe?
This product is 100% safe to use.

Where is this cooker from?
Geepas is a brand of Dubai.


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Geepas Digital Infrared Cooker (Touch Control With LED Display & 8 Power Levels) - GIC33013
Geepas Digital Infrared Cooker (Touch Control With LED Display & 8 Power Levels) - GIC33013
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Rs.21,990.00 Rs.43,500.00