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Warranty : 6 Months

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Travel with Ease

Lightweight and colorful design
Lightweight body
Square display
Color options

Haylou GST Lite black, pink and green

30 workout modes

Running and walking


Indoor sports

Outdoor sports

Ice and snow sports

Ball games

Haylou GST Lite on white background

9-day battery life

Haylou GST Lite in water drops

IP68 dustproof and waterproof
Life assistant

Incoming message reminder

Life reminder

Breathing exercise
Health guard

Heart rate monitoring

Blood oxygen tracking

Sleep monitoring

Women’s health

Stress test

Haylou GST Lite Large screen


Large Color Screen

Broader View
Haylou GST Lite has a 240×280 pixel resolution display with 2.5D curved edge glass, bringing a more colorful, smoother viewing experience with clearer details.

Vibrant Watch Faces

Express More of Yourself
Vibrant APP built-in watch faces can perfectly match your taste and temperament, or you can upload your photos for a more personalized watch face. Pick your favorite one and start the new day!

Haylou GST Lite watch faces

Haylou GST Lite on a female hand

Lightweight Design

All-day wearing comfort
Weighing only 39g, Haylou GST Lite will assist your workout without limits.

Workout Modes

Bring a Sense of Fulfillment
30 workout modes to explore to your heart’s content. Accurately monitor and analyze key workout data, creating a sense of fulfillment.

Haylou GST Lite on a male hand

Haylou GST Lite on a sportsman hand


Built to Endure
Haylou GST Lite supports IP68 waterproof. No need to take off the watch even if you wash your hands. It can easily cope with sweating during workouts or stormy rains.
* It can meet daily waterproof needs and be worn and used during workouts (can be exposed to sweat), rainy days, and hand washing; do not wear it for a swim, showering, sauna, surfing, and other high-speed water activities. Damage caused by immersing the device in liquid when used in an inapplicable scenario is not covered by the warranty.

Smart Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Sound and Dream Well
Haylou GST Lite automatically senses your sleep status and records data such as sleep duration and depth to help you develop good sleep habits and start a new day with energy.

Haylou GST Lite on a girl hand

Haylou GST Lite next to smartphone

Heart Rate Tracking

Abnormal Heart Rate Alert
Day & Night Care
The watch can monitor your heart rate daily and generate a real-time heart rate curve. Optimize your workout with alerts for abnormally high or low heart rates.
* Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not diagnosis or treatment.

Blood Oxygen Tracking

Better Understand Physical State
The low blood oxygen level can easily lead to fatigue, decreased concentration, and other symptoms. Haylou GST Lite can measure your SpO2 at any time. Night monitoring mode is also added.
* Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not diagnosis or treatment.

Haylou GST Lite Blood oxygen tracking screen

Haylou GST Lite Female cycle management screen

Female Cycle Management

Considerate Care
Record your current menstrual period, and provide predictions and reminders for upcoming menstrual and fertile periods. Receive reminders to avoid surprises.

Stress Test

Understand Your Anxiety
Check your stress level at any time with an advanced stress algorithm. What to do when stress is too high? Use breathing exercises to relax your body and mind.

Manual stress test

Breathing  exercise
Haylou GST Lite on a stressed woman hand

Haylou GST Lite Charging screen

9-day Battery Life

Built to Last
With one full charge, you can use the Haylou GST Lite smartwatch for 9 days in daily mode and about 30 days in long battery life mode. It can quickly get charged in a short time.

* Standards for battery life test in daily mode: heart rate monitoring; call reminders twice a day; message reminders 8 times a day; raise-to-wake 150 times a day; exercise twice a week, run for 30 minutes each time; Sp02 tracking twice a day.

* Standards for battery life test in long battery life mode: default watch face; sleep monitoring; turn off phone Bluetooth connection, continuous heart rate monitoring, and other functions.

More Practical Features

Message reminder


Music control

Idle alert

Raise to wake screen

Weather notification

Find phone

Haylou GST Lite three smartwatches

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Haylou GST Lite Smart Watch
Haylou GST Lite Smart Watch
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