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Molten – Air Pump AP50


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Foot air pump with compressed air tank
For quick and easy inflating the ball
Height: 57 cm without pressure gauge


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Sturdy construction complete with needle. Made from lightweight aluminium.
A must have for teachers and coaches.

Height: 50cm
Weight: 0,5kg


*When inflating a ball with a pump it is critical that the needle is lubricated before insertion. We suggest soft soap would be a suitable substance.

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Molten Corporation is a sports equipment and automotive parts company based in Hiroshima, Japan. Molten is mostly known for manufacturing balls for several team sports, with a range of products that includes American footballs, association footballs, basketballs, dodgeballs, handballs and volleyballs.
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Molten - Air Pump AP50
Molten - Air Pump AP50
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