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Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 750g

Nutella is made of premium quality ingredients like selected hazelnuts and delicious cocoa. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives. Nutella helps a mom make breakfast tastier and making it more enjoyable for kids.

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The unmistakable recipe of Nutella® is the same worldwide. It is made by combining 7 carefully selected quality ingredients, ensuring its singular creaminess and intense flavour.

The unique taste of Nutella hazelnut spread continues to come from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. In addition, Nutella has no artificial colors or preservatives.

  • A unique and unbeatable taste
  • Contains no artificial colours
  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • Contains no artificial preservatives
  • Spread on your Bread for Breakfast to start Positively your day
  • It’s so delicious that a little goes a long way
  • Vegetarian product – Suitable for Vegetarians
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Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 750g
Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 750g
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Rs.4,250.00 Rs.5,200.00