Ocean Free AR-G1 Arowana Carnivorous Large Pellet (1kg)


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Premium Arowana Pellet Feed
OF AR-G1 Arowana Carnivorous Pellet is a premium Arowana carnivorous pelleted feed that excels in all grow-out conditions and function. This revolutionary product from Qian Hu Arowana Nutrition Research is bio-formulated to boost health, growth and beauty of your beloved Arowana.


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  • Enriched with OF OptiAR, a metabolic enhancer that enhances Food Conversion Rate (FCR), increases the palatability and boosts growth.
  • Fortifies immune system, Arowana’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against parasitic sickness, thus reducing mortality.
  • Enhances growth through superior digestive performance especially high feeding levels.
  • No artificial chemical coloring / enhancer added. Made from natural organic sources.
  • Superior color enhancement that intensifies your Arowana’s colour pigments.
  • Pure animal protein feed that is easily metabolized by the Arowana carnivorous digestive system
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Ocean Free AR-G1 Arowana Carnivorous Large Pellet (1kg)
Ocean Free AR-G1 Arowana Carnivorous Large Pellet (1kg)
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