Ocean Free Super Fish Guard (120ml)


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  • Remove Chlorine, Chloramine & heavy metals
  • Buffers pH and reduces stress
  • Contain aloe Vera & vitamins E & B
  • Forms protective slime Protect mucus & gills
  • Creates superior water quality


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Super Fresh Guard removes chlorine & chloramine, buyers pH promotes natural healing with aloe Vera vitamins E & B also detoxifies heavy metals & some toxic chemicals Encourage growth of nitrifying bacteria, protects the delicate mucus membranes & gills Super Fish Guard reduces the risk of infection by forming a nature slime coating on the fish during netting,injury or transportation and thus reduces sheds and provides superior water conditioner for the fish & e in water Does not colour the aquarium water Homes to all fishes, filter bacteria and plants

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Ocean Free Super Fish Guard (120ml)
Ocean Free Super Fish Guard (120ml)
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