Revolving Cake Stand

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Revolving Cake Stand

The Revolving Cake Stand is the perfect tool to use when decorating cakes. This durable plastic turn table base with a non-slip pad is 10.5-inches in diameter and stands at 2.8-inches high. Do not immerse in water when cleaning. It’s perfect for placing cut out designs, piping, borders, writing and more. The Cake-decorating turntable makes it simple to decorate professional-looking desserts at home.

– The decorating / icing turntable will revolutionize the way you decorate your cakes, pies, flans and biscuits.
– The rotating turntable allows you freely turn your cake with ease, allowing for easy piping, smoothing and decorative touches.
– The raised turntable gives you easier access with no obstructions.
– The turntable is made from a Heavy duty hygienic plastic for easy cleaning.
– The dimensions are Height 2.8 inches, Diameter 10.5 inches.

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Revolving Cake Stand
Revolving Cake Stand
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Rs.2,790.00 Rs.3,350.00