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Baseus Bipow 20W Digital Display Powerbank


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Available in

  • 10000mah
  • 20000mah
  • 30000mah

6M warranty



Baseus Bipow 20W Digital Display Power Bank
Available in 10000, 20000 and 30000mah.

Go on your every travel prepared with this powerful power bank from Baseus that will ensure that your digital gadgets never run out of battery. This fast-charging power bank has two USB outputs, one Type-C output/input, and one micro input. Multiple safety protocols keep your charging device safe, preventing accidental overcharge, overvoltage, and overheating. On top of that, it has an LED display that clearly shows you the remaining battery percentage.

  • High-capacity universal fast charging power bank from Baseus.
  • Portable external battery for your phone, earphones, tablet, etc.
  • Dual input and triple output for multiple simultaneously charging.
  • LED digital display that shows a battery percentage in real-time.
  • Multiple levels of protection for safe charging with no damage.
  • A smart chip that adopts the current level to the specific device.
  • Supports Quick Charge, Power Delivery, FCP, and AFC charging protocols.
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10000mah, 20000mah, 30000mah



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Baseus Bipow 20W Digital Display Powerbank
Baseus Bipow 20W Digital Display Powerbank
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