Pigeon Ebony Double Walled Electric Kettle 1.8L


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  • PRECISE AND FAST: Pigeon Ebony Double Walled Stainless Steel Electric Kettle can boil water faster than stovetop. Now make Herbal Tea or instant soups without hassle
  • Cordless Servings: Detaches from base for convenient cordless serving with a heat-proof plastic handle
    Sturdy Stainless Steel Design: Ebony Electric Kettle Stainless steel 1.8 liter with 1500 watt electric kettle for quickly boiling water with handy cord wrap system for space-saving storage with 3.5mm thick inner pot
  • Auto Shut Off: The electric kettle will automatically shut off when water boils and its boil dry protection feature will provide years of dependable use
  • Capacity: With a generous 1.8 Liter water capacity, the electric kettle will heat ample amounts of water for hot beverages and effortless food preparation
  • Power: 1500 watt; Operating Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Package Includes: Ebony Double walled Stainless Steel Kettle and User Manual
  • Warranty : 1 Year
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Pigeon Ebony Double Walled Electric Kettle 1.8L
Pigeon Ebony Double Walled Electric Kettle 1.8L
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