Rosen 48V 200AH LiFePo4 Battery Powerwall LFP48V200AH


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1. General Information
This specification is suitable for the 48v 200ah battery pack, and describes its dimensions, characteristics,technical requirements and precautions for use.
2. Battery Specification(@ 25±5℃)
NO Items CharacteristicsSystem specification
2.1 Battery Cell 3.2V 50AH, Prismatic, LiFePo42.2 Nominal capacity 200AH
2.3 Total energy 9.6KWh
2.4 Nominal voltage 48Vdc
2.5 Cell compose method 15S4P
2.6 End of discharge voltage 40.5V
2.7 Charging voltage 52.5~54.75V
2.8 Max. charging current 100Adc
2.9 Max. discharging current 150Adc
2.10 Max. power 9600W
2.11 Pulse discharge current 200A@1S
2.12 Display method and language LCD,English
2.13 Communication interface CAN and RS485
2.14 BMS parallel supports Yes, Max. 14units
2.15 BMS series support Not support
2.16 Cooling method Natural cooling
2.17 Dimension
W 495±5mmH 190±5mm
L 680±5mm
2.18 IP rating IP21
2.19 Net Weight About 96 Kg
2.20 Cycle life (80% DOD, 25℃)
2.21 Life time( 25℃) 10 years
2.22 Protection
Over voltage, Low voltage,
Over current, Over temperature,
Low temperature, Short circuit.
2.23 Operation Humidity 0~95% RH (No condensing)
2.24 Operation temperature Charge 0~50℃Discharge -15~55℃
2.25 Self-discharge rate Residual capacity ≤3%/Month; ≤15%/ Year
Recover capacity ≤1.5%/Month; ≤8%/ year

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Rosen 48V 200AH LiFePo4 Battery Powerwall LFP48V200AH
Rosen 48V 200AH LiFePo4 Battery Powerwall LFP48V200AH
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