Stainless Steel Egg Beater

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Stainless Steel Egg Beater

Made of Stainless steel wires for ideally hygienic whipping or blending actions, this egg beater helps you get perfectly aerated egg whites or fluffy cake mixes in seconds. Featuring a well contoured round handle, it offers you the extreme ease and comfort when using it. For mixing and blending foods quickly, easily and without much preparation or cleanup.


  • Stainless steel wires for hygienically perfect whipping or blending
  • Well contoured round handle to give your hand the comfort and ease
  • Strong and durable design
  • Can mix and blend foods quickly


  • Colour: Silver
  • Length: 31 cm
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Stainless Steel Egg Beater
Stainless Steel Egg Beater
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Rs.1,290.00 Rs.1,800.00